The FTC warned consumers about the One-Ring Call Back Scam is back again. The scam works like this;

You receive a call from a number you don’t know and in rings once and hangs up. The scammer is baiting you into calling the number back and when you do call back the number is an international toll number and will appear as a charge on your phone bill — the scammer will receive most of that money. The FCC has issued An advisory about this scam.

This time around the One-Ring Call Back Scam is back with vengeance. The FCC & FTC advice is to treat these calls as follows;

It’s important that every consumer be on their guard for any suspicious calls coming from phone numbers that are not immediately recognized. In an article published back in January 2019 titled “Robo Scam Calls Out of Hand.” The article provides details on the type of Robo Call Scams being performed to steal money from consumers. You can learn how to protect yourself from these calls by reading through the entire article.

If you’re unsure if the call is legitimate or not, it’s best to veer to the side of caution and ignore these calls. Scammers are ruthless and the only thing they want is your personal identifiable information. This can lead to identity theft and emptying out your bank account and or running up credit card charges.

It’s important to never call back any phone number that rings once. Be smart and protect yourself from these scammers!

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