The Government is finally opened for business and that’s good news for consumers who are expecting refunds this year from the 2018 tax season. If you are expecting a refund, it would be in your best interest to pay down some of the debt that you may have accumulated over the holiday season.

This is also a good time to file sooner than later to get your returns much faster instead of waiting until days before the April 15th deadline. Like they say the early bird gets the worm!

There are many Tax Preparers to choose from, before you make a decision on who will prepare your taxes look for deals online. Here’s just a few deals being offered by tax preparers;

  • Jackson Hewitt is offering tax filing as low as $48 for a simple Federal tax return. They’re also offering up to $3500 for a refund advance.
  • H&R Block offers up $3000 for a refund advance. They’re running a “Know your price before you file! This is a new service being offered in 2019.
  • Turbo Tax offers free filing for simple tax returns. They also offer unlimited advice all year!
  • Credit Karma is 100% free, start to finish, for all supported forms and situations. Their satisfaction rating is 4.7/5.0 with over 400,000 reviews!

You have many options to choose from and for every budget. In my experience H&R Block charged the most for my filing whereas Hewitt Jackson was more than 60% less in some situations when I filed a simple tax return. The only downfall with Hewitt Jackson is many of the tax preparers are located inside Walmart with has no privacy.

You should always find out what new changes were made for tax filing. In fact, the bill formerly known as, “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” was signed by President Donald Trump just before Christmas in 2017. To learn more about all the new changes and additions, read this article by Magnify Money.

After you pay off some or all of your debt, make sure that you have some money to put away for emergencies or just for peace of mind.